Friday, January 26, 2007


Welcome to my blog on issues pertinent to global nonprofit organizations, be they global already, rethinking their strategic approach, or considering global expansion for the first time. Globalizing a nonprofit organization is about so much more than an organizational name change that begins with, "International." It is about understanding the global marketplace, regulatory environments, culture differences, and financial ramifications. It is about understanding the risks and rewards of going global. And, above all, is about making both a financial and organizational commitment to achieve long term success.

Future posts will address issues ranging from business structure, to governance, to marketing and communications, to product localization. So whether you are new to the international arena and developing your business plan, trying to overcome a crisis and convince a board of directors not to throw in the towel on global operations, or seeking to achieve greater success in an otherwise successful operation; there will be help and suggestions for each situation.

This is bidirectional learning forum. Your comments and suggestions are not only welcome, but requested. There is much we can learn from each other.